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Future seminars will be announced. Dr. Craft is available for seminars in California as well as out-of-state and out-of-country. She is also the foremost teacher of Microcurrent therapy for people and animals and guarantees her training 100%.

Dr. C. Joy Craft
The Healing Touch of Joy
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Dr. Craft will be writing a new article every month for the San Juan Star newspaper. Go to http://www.sanjuanstar.net/ to read the latest issue.

Dr. C. Joy Craft, dvm, lmt, pt., teacher, and author, besides a graduate of UC Davis School of Veterinary School and The Hawaiian Islands School of Therapeutic Massage will write a series of articles for the Star on Natural Healing in Horses, Dogs, Cats, and other small pocket animals. Her books and DVD's are available on her website, www.drjoycraft.com

Dr. Craft has always sought to use Alternative medicine for animals that are suffering from physical disabilities such as injuries, and post-operative problems, especially interested in geriatric limitations, and swelling and mobility issues without invasive surgery. Some of the topics covered in her articles and books will include massage, aromatherapy, rejuvenation, color therapy, separation anxiety and many more issues of concern to pet owners to keep their pets happy and healthy.

For many years, Dr. Craft has conducted classes for dogs and horses with the animal's owners bringing their animals to her class which over a period of over 6-12 hours of teaching “hands on” care beside the basic principles of natural healing which are provided in an individual notebook for each student.

Dr. Craft gives individual care to each person's animals and also is available for private work doing house calls, giving veterinary care and vaccinations. Her physical care often involves using the Microcurrent therapy with her wonderful equipment. This equipment is the same one used at all the Olympic and other athletic events allowing players to perform at their finest during the athletic competition and after the events, preventing any serious complications due to over exertion during the performance.

Several years ago, I had a yellow Labrador as a patient who worked as a fire fighter. He was named “Ranger.” With his enormous zeal, he was always throwing his back out during the vigorous climbing in and over rocks to rescue people from forest fires. I had to perform many adjustments and Microcurrent treatments on his back to keep him stable and able to carry on with his job.

After practicing these methods of animal care, Dr. Craft promises to have your dog's tail wagging again, besides his level of agility and comfort will be greatly excelled.

Thank you for your interest,
Dr. Joy Craft
1592 Mesquite Rd. Apt. #205
Salinas, Ca. 93905

P.S. Last week I had a young girl call me and say that she had a “Strep” throat infection and would it be O.K. If she continued to kiss her dog?


I will answer questions too, if I am able!

E-mail: joy@drjoycraft.com
(831) 751-3367

Worldwide Animal Health

The Healing Touch Of Joy promotes animal health for the entire animal kingdom! This Pet Massage Book focuses on Horse Massage and Natural Healing for Horse and dog along with Dog Massage, Dr. C. Joy Craft has been providing alternative veterinary medicine and natural healing for several years. Her unique technique of combining massage and microcurrent therapy, has successfully improved the level of health for many dogs, horses and cats. It has been proven that Natural Healing by giving therapeutic massage to dogs, cats, and horses, greatly improves their mind and spirit, besides strengthening the animal's body.  Her Pet Massage Books and Pet Massage Therapy Books portray the Natural Healing of Animals.

Click here to visit: http://www.digitaldog.com/joycraftreview.html for wonderful article on Dr. Craft and her methods.

It is very important for dogs in agility and obedience training to have massage to relax their muscles and ligaments to prevent musculo-skeletal injuries from occurring!
(see my book Enjoy a Healthy Dog Forever to understand what causes injuries and how to prevent them!)